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Climbing to the Top: How New Home Star Multiplied Closings for Challenger Homes

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Challenger Homes Ascends to Market Leader Status

The economic trouble of 2008 hit Challenger Homes hard, despite their commitment to create quality homes. They, like many others, were eyeing a shutdown amidst the turmoil, but they weren’t going to go out without a fight — a fight they brought New Home Star in to help with. 

Thanks to a partnership with New Home Star, Challenger Homes was able to thrive in the down market. After our first three years, the results were clear: this small, local builder transformed to a top-tier leader in a highly competitive Colorado Springs housing market.

In just three years, Challenger Homes:

    • Achieved a top 3 closings ranking in Colorado Springs
    • Exploded with 6x growth 
    • Enjoyed a 600% increase in annual sales
    • Boosted the average sales price by over 28%

This is only the beginning! Download the FREE case study to dig deeper into what we did, how we did it, and why we’re sure we can do it for your new home sales team as well.

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