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Exceeding Sales Goals: How Streamlined Sales Training Empowered the Trico Homes Team

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Trico Homes Bests 2023 Sales Goals by 100 Sales

In early 2023, Trico Homes determined they wanted to provide comprehensive tools and training to their sales professionals so they could better assist buyers. Getting over 40 sales associates on the same training platform is difficult, but Trico Homes was up to the challenge.

Thanks to the partnership with New Home Star, Trico Homes was able to reduce closing times and increase conversion rates. This was possible by redefining the sales process through three steps:

  • Boot Camps
  • New Home Star’s home builder technology, New Home Connect™
  • Home builder consulting

And the results are outstanding. Not only did Trico Homes exceed 2023 goals by 100 sales, but employee engagement has soared. Download the case study today to discover New Home Star’s approach and why we can do it for your new home sales team.

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